October Releases

Just added to our Empires range of micro ships, the Isthak Fleet! 

The Isthak faction encompasses Ice witches, beastmen, undead and demons, though
their navy has a distitinctly ancient mediterranean feel, so these ships may well see
some use in historical games too.

bireme, trireme, quinquereme

6326 Bireme - £1.75  A light galley with no sail

6327 Trireme - £2.50   A staple clasiical war galley, with oars, sail and ram

6328 Quinquereme - £3.50  A large galley with oars, sail and ram

6330 Isthak Fleet - £12.00   3 Biremes, 2 Triremes and 1 Quinquereme (a saving of £1.75 over buying the ships separately)

28mm Fantasy Accessories 

We have made a selection of our fantasy shields available singly for use in conversions and dioramas, 

Elf Shields .15p each   available plain, riveted and riveted with boss

Orc/Barbarian Shields .20p each  available in reinforced wood, fur covered with boss and hide shield with a nailed hand

Barbaric Shield Large #1 .25p  A rough wooden shield with fur cover and severed hands nailed to it

Barbaric Shield Large #2 .25p A reinforced wooden shield with large skull motif

barbaric wooden shield barbaric shield with hand barbaric large with hands wooden shield with skull elf shield with boss

Barbaric shields                           Large shield with hands     Large shield with skull      Elf shield with boss

The Fantasy Accessories range is available Here

We are planning to produce packs of 28mm weapons, swords, axes, halberds etc, let us know if there is
anything in particular you would like to see.  


Now available as separate maps from the Solaris 7 set- the double sized maps 

These unfold to roughly A1 size, priced at just £1.50 each

liao map

The Jungle - Liao Arena Map
factory map

The Factory - Marik Arena Map
boreal reach

Boreal Reach - Davion Arena Map
steiner map

Steiner Coliseum -Arena Map

Coming Soon 

We recently previewed these Chaotic warriors on our facebook page, they will be in production
before Christmas, possibly as a small kickstarter limited to these figures with a couple of conversions. 

chaos warriors preview

Speaking of Kickstarters, we are in the middle of casting Phroggs as we work towards fulfilling
our first kickstarter, look for the Phroggs to be released on our site next month!

Thanks for reading!

RPE Team

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