May Releases

New additions to the store this month:

02-241A Chaos Mounted Knight #1 (weapon variants) £6.25
02-241B Chaos Mounted Knight #2 (weapon variants) £6.25
02-242A Mounted Death Knight Lancer #1  £5.95
02-242B Mounted Death Knight Lancer #2  £5.95
02-243A Mounted Chaos Knight #1 (weapon variants) £5.95
02-243B Mounted Chaos Knight #2 (weapon variants) £5.95
02-337B Spined Chaos Hound #1  £3.00
02-337C Spined Chaos Hound #2  £3.00
02-164 Troll Catapult   £5.95
troll catapult

4429 Dwarf Heroes (3)    £2.00
A set of 3 15mm Dwarf heroes-  Duranbar, Priester der Erde Darach,
Diener der Erde Gundar Flammenfaust, Höchster Diener des Feuers  
4229 dwarf heroes


01-095 Jabberwock    £7.95
01-128a Merchant and bodyguards (3)   £4.95
01-128b Camel   £3.95
01128c Baggage Ponies (2)  £4.95

01095 jabberwock baggage camel

Die Grauzöne -Charäcters

GZ-209 RedBeard the Pirate £2.75
GZ-210 Long John Pewter  £2.75

gz209 redbeard GZ210 Long John Pewter

We have also started to add photographs that were missing from the DSA and ARMALION ranges,
we hope to fill in all the gaps over the next few weeks. 

ARMALION- Kindra Brighthelm ARMALION- Aranya Arascalion

19015A Kindra Brighthelm - Paladin  £2.50          19015B Aranya Arascalion - Sorceress  £2.50

April 2015 Releases


BH018 Southern Death Cult (10)    £5.00
blighthaven death cult

Die Grauzöne - 28mm Mönsters & Heröes

sir rotsalot the zombie champion

GZ-208 Faerie Warrior Maiden #2 GZ-208 Faerie Warrior Maiden #2   £3.50

1:1 scale faerie maiden (approx 28mm tall)

GZ-207 Faerie Warrior Maiden #1 GZ-207 Faerie Warrior Maiden #1  £3.50

1:1 scale faerie maiden (approx 28mm tall)   

GZ-112 Zombie Swordmaster GZ-112 Zombie Swordmaster     £2.95

Don't let the rustiness of his swords and the fact that bits keep falling off him fool you, the zombie swordmaster is still deadly.

GZ-111 Skeletal Hero GZ-111 Skeletal Hero    £2.95


GZ-110 Sir Rotsalot, Zombie Champion GZ-110 Sir Rotsalot, Zombie Champion    £2.95


GZ-016 Demon Warrior #2 GZ-016 Demon Warrior #2    £3.95

Bob Olley demon warrior 

GZ-015 Demon Warrior #1 GZ-015 Demon Warrior #1   £3.95

Bob Olley Demonic warrior with sword

GZ-109 Bogeyman #2 with cudgel GZ-109 Bogeyman #2 with cudgel  £2.75

 (painted example by orctrader)

GZ-108 Bogeyman #1
(painted example by orctrader)
GZ-108 Bogeyman #1    £2.75

Thanks for reading, 
RPE Team


Phroggs ~ Sci-Fi Amphibians

We plan to take our first foray onto Kickstarter in the next few weeks to launch our range of science fiction amphibians, the Phroggs. 

These are big, mean critters measuring well over 35mm tall. The first release will be 10 different poses, including two support weapons- a flamer and a rocket launcher, with plans for a release of command figures soon after. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on facebook for more information,


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