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10979 Combat Operations


Comprehensive rules system for campaign play.
War and its Makers: Ever wondered how war is really waged in the Thirty-first century? Wonder no More...
Here are all the rules you ever wanted for creating, running and playing any type and size of military force.
AeroTech 2 Operations Rules: Expanded rules to provide additional depth of play for any AeroTech 2 game, as well as completely integrated BattleTech and AeroTech 2 play.
Infantry Platoon Construction: Create almost any type of standard infantry platoon found in the BattleTech universe.
Strategic Game: A rules framework that allows you to run grand-scale campaigns utilizing every aspect of warfare - combat, technology, subterfuge,
assassination, politics and more. Now you can play your favourite Successor Lord.
Faction Force Tables: Comprehensive tables of units by major era, to every major and minor faction in the BattleTech universe.
Here's your chance to build that Star League division to take back Terra.

For use with Classic BattleTech, AeroTech 2 and Classic BattleTech Role Playing Game.

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