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Demonworld Armies- Elves pdf


FASA1420 Demonworld Armies: Elves -pdf download version

Elves—for the Thainians, they are simply the people of the forest, whom they fight as soon as their ships land on the wooded coast of Iconessa. For the woodcutters and merchants from the southern provinces, the Elves are no more than dangerous natives, who work to counter their economic interests. And for the Imperial settlers they are the forest devils that steal the cattle and ruin the harvest. Only a few people suspect that the forests of Iconessa continue to conceal at least part of the might that once ruled the world.
This army book describes the Elves of Iconessa, their armies and their history, from the beginning of time.
Included are 54 recruitment cards for units, heroes and artefacts of the Forest Elves, High Elves and their allies, the Centaurs and Treemen. In addition you will also find an overview map, colour illustrations for painting your miniatures, and spell lists for Elvin wizards, priestesses and bards.

 PLEASE NOTE that these are the previously published editions -new versions are planned- have your say on what you would like to see in the new editions on the Redbrick forums.

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