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Demonworld Armies- Isthak pdf


FASA1419 Demonworld Armies: Isthak -pdf download version

Isthakórealm of evil, ruled by the Icelords and covered by eternal ice and snow. Isthakóbreeding ground of degenerated Beastmen and home to Ice Witches and demons. Isthakóa word that is only whispered in the bordering Empire and the Orcish territories. This army book reveals the secrets of the seven Icelords and their armies. It contains new rules for snow cannons, battle sleds, Undead and frozen battlefields. In addition to detailed unit descriptions, an overview map, colour illustrations for painting your miniatures, and spell lists for Ice Witches, Warlocks, and Necromancers, you will also find complete rules for recruiting Isthak armies. The 54 new recruitment cards included provide all the information needed to field Ice Witches, Demons, Beastmen, Ice Giants, and Undead, mighty heroes suck as Barsak the Mad or Raidala Deathcrazed, and artefacts such as The Ring of Time or Melghur's Amulet.

PLEASE NOTE that these are the previously published editions -new versions are planned- have your say on what you would like to see in the new editions on the Redbrick forums.

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