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02-421 Orc Hippo Rider


I was a little disappointed with this guy, and if I was going to blame anyone for why it would be the sculptor. the reason I would cite for my disappointment is simple: Lack of Vision. A hippo riding Orc Warlord should be a memorable figure, but the design just isn't all it should be.

The hippo has no memorable features to give it personality, and the rider, while better which slightly comically mouth wide in a permanent roar, is still not what it should have been.

Enough with the negativity! It's a hippo in a wargame, how often do you see that? It stands around 57mm from the hippo's chubby forelimb to the rider's crazy poof hair, but makes up for this in length and girth.

The figure is very clean and while it comes in six pieces, it's so simple to assemble it practically glues itself together, and... What other hippo riding tribal (or savage...) orc are you going to buy if you don't get this one?

Also, this is a miniature for the game "Crucible." It's called a River Behemoth.
Date Added: 11/30/2015 by Gary Bomhoff