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Shadows of Centralis -2nd Edition


“Beware the Shadows and their corrupt genesis. Consumers of souls and usurpers of hope, Centralis’ Shadows are the spawn of darkness. Instead, know of the Others, know them by their many names, the Maidens of Light, the World of Light, the First Creation, the Greater Beings. But seek them out, the beings who are numerous but who are as one, and learn of the Light.”




Shadows of Centralis is a dynamic 28mm (1:64) scale tabletop wargame which fuses elements of fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Taking on the role of a mighty chieftain, rampaging warlord, or savvy military commander, opposing players control model armies of fantastical troops, terrifying monsters, ground shaking engines of war, and powerful users of magic. In addition to the violent cut and thrust of battle, there is the capricious and vengeful interference from countless warring gods to consider, too.

Though the game can be played with miniatures from ANY manufacturer, a special mention is given to Diehard Miniatures, Gripping Beast Ltd, The Little Soldier Company, RPE Miniatures & Games, Old School Miniatures, Goblinmaster Limited, BobNaismith.Com, Knightmare Games, and Creative Sculpt Studio Ltd, whose fantastic miniatures feature in this book.

Designed to be flexible and to encourage greater inclusivity, Shadows of Centralis can be played with as few as 20 – 30 models per side, through to players taking part in largescale battles with hundreds of models involved. With innovative gaming features and numerous races to choose from, Shadows of Centralis offers both experienced wargamers and newcomers to the hobby exciting and challenging tabletop conflicts.

With a unique slant on fantasy and science fiction tropes, and providing richly detailed background stories, Shadows of Centralis is an immersive strategy wargame which offers players the opportunity to field a range of different armies. From the nightmarish Undead, resurrected from peaceful slumber by foul necromancy, to the pious Konstrato Empire, from the barbarous Yalif hordes to the technologically advanced Lords, in total, there are fifteen different armies to choose from.

Though most races have their own god, some races follow polytheism, and offer their prayers and praise to multiple deities. Meanwhile, playing host to strange transcendental time pockets that allow for instantaneous teleportation across the field of battle, the world in which the game is set, the Orb, is one of continual change.

Complete with a foreword by Rick Priestley, several different scenarios, full rules, and fifteen comprehensive army lists, this book contains all the information needed to play a game of Shadows of Centralis.


Fusing old-school rules mechanics with innovative new features, while drawing on literary and aesthetical inspiration from the classic age of weird fiction and pulp publications, Wombat Wargames in an independent publisher of wargaming rules, books, and magazines.

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