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The Goblinaid Project

This was a series of miniatures sculpted voluntarily by a mix of talented amateurs and some of the most respected names in the business to raise money for the sculpting legend Kev Adams. On Wednesday, 20th March Kev 'the Goblinmaster' Adams was brutally assaulted during a burglary at his home in Nottingham, suffering severe facial injuries that prevented him sculpting for many months. Coordinated via a facebook page by Ian 'Geronimo' Brumby and Jon 'Dags' Atter, we volunteered our services here at RPE to master the sculpts and cast them for sale. 

 The project came to an end on January 31st 2014 and we are pleased to say that Kev is back to sculpting, he still requires some further surgery but has persevered and is still producing the quirky, characterful sculpts that first made his name. 

Kev White (goblin batsman above) and Werner Klocke (Gobbo pirate) are just two of the well known sculptors to have contributed.


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