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Interceptor Rulebook


The open channel chattered to life with the age old taunt: “Prepare to meet your doom, Renegade!” Only to be answered by: “Is that you, Legion? It’s been, what, 35 years since you first tried? What makes you think you can do it this time?” “How about this” and the channel exploded with the sound of curses, cockpit alarms and the sound of electronics and systems failing. Then silence, no one able to figure out who had done what to whom. The other pilots listening in just shook their heads as the seemingly immortal pilots Constantin and Erskine renewed their age old rivalry. Interceptor, space fighter combat is their chosen field of battle.

The Terran Commonwealth once unified all humanity. Following the Vanishing, in which the Earth and its solar system simply disappeared, panic and greed took hold. Now the last remnant of the Commonwealth is trying to reclaim its past glory. The Callistonian Empire, led by its enigmatic Imperatrix, is the first target of this renewed aggression.

In Interceptor, the fighter is the main space superiority weapon and their pilots are the holovid heroes of the day. The fast paced mechanics enable quick skirmishes of just a few fighters to large battles with entire squadrons. The Maneuver Template provides for quick movement and shows what it will take for a daring pilot to push their limits to get that perfect shot. Cards for fighters and pilots make the game easy to track and play.

192 page colour softcover book, as supplied in the core game box.

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