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PLEASE NOTE- All of our miniatures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
they are in 28mm and 15mm scale, unless otherwise noted.  

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A message from RPE at this uncertain time. We are well aware that many of you are
remaining at home, for now, all of us at RPE are still working as normal.
We are making sure that the health of our employees, and therefore you, our customers,
is of the highest priority. We are following strict hand-washing procedures and
social distancing and there is no general public access to the RPE dungeon.
We will be shipping miniatures out until the government advice changes.
If you are isolating at home and looking for a project to start, we have moved our
Easter sale forward to cut your costs a little, take a look around the store and we're sure
you will find something. Please allow extra time for processing and shipping orders as we,
together with the post office, follow procedures that may slow things down a little.

We may find in the coming days that all non-essential businesses are ordered to close,
we will continue to process orders, observing all sanitary precautions, until that happens,
if it does come to that then our website will remain open for orders to be placed but they will
not be shipped until such restrictions are lifted.

Please be safe and stay well. 
RPE Team

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New Items for March

Battletech Battlemat: Grassland/Lunar CAT35800B                £29.95


For the first time in 35 years of heavy-metal mayhem, roll out high-quality neoprene maps on your BattleTech gaming table!

Battletech Battlemat: Grassland/Savanna CAT35800D          £29.95

Each map is 34” x 22", the perfect "two-map" size for most games. The maps are high-resolution with great color quality, making them some of the most beautiful and durable BattleTech maps ever produced. The neoprene is also thin for ease of storage, and double-sided for versatility. 

Call of Cthulhu Starter Set


All you need to enjoy Horror Roleplaying!

A World of Mystery, Horror and Adventure in a Box!

This Starter Box contains everything you need to start playing Call of Cthulhu—the tabletop roleplaying game of mystery and horror.


ARC Fleet Heavy Grav Tank is now available, priced at £11.95
this kist has both resin and metal componenets, with options to have
hatches open with vehicle crew or closed.

The sixth batch of Critical Mass 15mm sci-fi releases-
The Praesentia - are now available.

Free download links to files for Empires, the miniatures boardgame, 
are now listed here

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Monthly Specials For March

35014 Historicals - War of 3039
35014 Historicals - War of 3039
£16.95  £6.00
Save: 65% off
35008 Guide To Covert Ops
35008 Guide To Covert Ops
£13.95  £6.98
Save: 50% off

35017 Combat Equipment
35017 Combat Equipment
£16.95  £5.00
Save: 71% off
35022 Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex.
35022 Technical Readout: Vehicle Annex.
£16.95  £8.48
Save: 50% off
26002 Gamemasters Screen 4th Ed
26002 Gamemasters Screen 4th Ed
£11.95  £4.00
Save: 67% off

26004 Street Magic (Hard Cover)
26004 Street Magic (Hard Cover)
£20.95  £10.00
Save: 52% off
4001 Vor Rulebook
4001 Vor Rulebook
£15.95  £9.95
Save: 38% off
4101 Growler Forcebook
4101 Growler Forcebook
£7.50  £3.00
Save: 60% off