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10981 Battletech Miniatures Rules -seconds

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The Classic BattleTech Miniature Rules allows players to leave behind their paper maps and cardboard counters and jump into the exciting
visual world of BattleTech miniatures and full 3-D terrain. Lavishly illustrated with over a hundred photos, this book is a visual feast
that brings the might and majesty of the marching armies - including every unit logo and flapping banner - of the Clans and House lords to the players.
This book also features a complete section on MechWarrior: Dark Age game produced by WizKids Games LLC. This includes an introductory section
and a colour photo of new infantry units, vehicles and BattleMechs in the game, quickly bringing BattleTech fans up to date on the MechWarrior: Dark Age Universe.
A rules section also allows players to use Mechwarrior: Dark Age miniatures with Classic BattleTech miniature rules.
With the record sheets: MechWarrior Dark Age I, a whole new world of BattleTech play is available.

Please note- although new, these books are seconds and will show signs of storage and transport wear, cover creases etc.

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