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9000 Crucible Rulebook

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Ashkelon, the birthplace of the races, was once ruled by the Dragons before they wracked the land with their fury. The races the Dragons had created to sere them were left behind to survive on their own for countless centuries, struggling for supremacy in a harsh world. Now a new continent has been discovered that could finally give one faction dominance. Who will conquer the land known as Crucible and raise their nation to rule over all?

Crucible: Conquest of the Final Realm is an exciting new fantasy mass-combat miniatures game set in a mysterious land filled with unknown secrets. With eleven races to choose from, each one fully supported by a complete line of Ral Partha miniatures, players will lead their forces against myriad opponents in the quest to rule supreme.

A fantasy miniatures game that features 11 races: Principate, Orcs, Royal Elves of Tyren, Witches of Selene, Tauren, Infernal Elves, Goblins, Dwarves, Necromancers, The Bane, The Legion.

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