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FAS41002 Demonworld Miniatures: Dwarf Army Book


The armies came, and so the Dwarves built.  First the humans came with horses and chariots, so the dwarves met them on the backs of goats.  Then the orcs came with wolf riders and armored trolls, so the Dwarves built traps and catapults and the Orcs fell before them.  But when the Warlords of Thain came, with their magic of the animal spirits, the Dwarves built like never before.  They created gunpowder to meet them at range, and iron golems to ravage the front lines.  And the Dwarves never stop building.
  Now, the demons have returned from their exile, and there is more at stake then ever before.  Enemies are repelled from all sides, the races are as divided as they have ever been, and the preservation, or end of life in the world is the final prize.
  Welcome to Demonworld, where Dwarves live off the land of Garin.  They prefer the caverns and tunnels of their homeland, but nothing will stop them from defending what is theirs.  Assemble an army of Dwarves with muskets and machines, and fight for the honor of the Dwarven kingdoms.
  This Demonworld Miniatures sourcebook details the history and society of the Dwarves and gives the full statistics for typical Dwarven units and battle magic.  Scenarios are included for instant play.

Format:  6" x 9"
128 B&W pages

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