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FAS41002 Demonworld Miniatures: Thain Army Book


   The Thain have dwelt on their islands for generations, sitting in the background, watching the world tear itself to pieces, and not caring in the least, as long as the world left them alone.  For years, their warriors have fought in the names of the spirits to defend their lands from those who overstepped their boundaries.
   Now, driven from their islands by the invading demons, the Thain have come to the mainland in search of a place of safety and peace.  But there is no peace to be found on Garin.  The dwarves repel the Thain, calling them land thieves.  The orcs attack them, thirsty for a new land to pillage and conquer.  Even the Empire sees nothing more than savage barbarians amongst their distant kin.  And the demons lurk, ever in the shadows, always ready to pick off their next victim.
   Welcome to Demonworld, where the mighty warriors of the Thain tribes face enemies on all sides.  The proud Thain prefer peace, but they are the first to take up arms when war is on the horizon.  Assemble a fearsome army of brave warriors, mystical shaman, mighty chieftains, and the very spirits of the land itself.
   This Demonworld Miniatures sourcebook details the tribes and history of the Thain.  Listings of units, spirits, spell and aspects as well as scenarios ready the player for instant play.
Format:  6" x 9"
128 B&W pages

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