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John Blanche book competition

Wombat Wargames - John Blanche:The Rise of Grimdark Limited version Competition

Wow! What a response to the limited-edition version of Johns authorised biography, we all deeply appreciate the support, and appreciate that many more of you would have liked the opportunity to have nabbed a copy, however we (Wombat Wargames) did not want to put any additional pressure on Johns health and the amount of signed prints was a number that John felt comfortable with.

However, we did keep a few copies back for promotional purposes, including the following competition. So, if you would like to be entered into a draw to win a limited-edition of the book (book, along with A6 promo card signed by John Blanche), then answer the following three questions and drop us an email at to enter and subscribe to our newsletter.

Question 1: In what year was the Tolkien Bestiary first printed?
Question 2: What issue of White Dwarf did Amazonia Gothique make her debut ?
Question 3: what was the name of the book exclusively illustrated by John, published by Paper Tiger in 1979?

We’ll make the draw on December 8th and inform the lucky winner via email and social media.
Test your Blanchefu and may the best Scion win.
Limited to one email entry per email address. We anticipate dispatching the winning copy as soon as the draw is finalized.
Please note: Due to the volume of entries we anticipate, we will not be able to reply to any questions which entrants may wish to add, we trust you understand. In addition to answering the three questions listed above, please ensure that you include your name and e-mail address. Good luck!